Nearshoring involves the transfer of a strictly defined process to a country in close proximity, where labour cost advantages exist but without the cultural, lingual and time zone differences common to traditional outsourcing. With an exceptional pool of technical talent, Prague represents an excellent nearshore centre for Western Europe. Iterative agile methods in the development process help foster strong communication, thereby avoiding many of the pitfalls encountered when outsourcing software development.


Cost is often regarded as the primary driver for nearshoring software development. However, while financials are important, the reasons for engaging in nearshoring are diverse. Often a lack of skills in the home location prompts firms to look further afield. Furthermore, many firms have embraced the opportunity to improve process management and quality assurance that is associated with nearshoring. The cornerstones of a successful nearshoring operation are location, accessibility and transparency.


The Czech Republic has a very strong technical skill base. One in three Czech university graduates hold a technical degree. In particular, Czech IT skills are very well respected internationally. Software development as a career path is seen as being particularly prestigious. Higher than average salaries and the opportunity to work in an international environment attracts the very brightest minds to the industry. Recognising this, corporations such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Deutsche Borse, DHL and SAP have established software development centers in the country. In contrast to outsourcing destinations further east, the Czech Republic's EU membership brings additional benefits from the point of view of it's economic stability and European legal system.


Prague is located in the heart of the new Europe. Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Vienna are all less than four hours drive, while the flight time is just over two hours from London or Dublin. This makes Prague one of the most accessible cities in terms of international software projects. The Czech Republic is one hour ahead of London and Dublin. English is widely spoken as the business language of the city.


Kelteca provides all clients with direct access to the development staff. All of our projects are supplemented with detailed reporting. Our use of agile software development methods encourages the regular demonstration of functioning software to the customer. This means that throughout the project lifecycle all parties are in touch with the project.