Nearshoring in the media

Here you can find some interesting articles on nearshoring from various publications.

These offer you an independant opinion on the concept as well as some information on case studies.

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bulletNearshoring: Looking closer to home

"Companies looking for savings but worried about the risks and cultural barriers involved in offshore outsourcing could benefit from nearshoring. Danny Bradbury investigates the pros and cons."
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bulletThe rise of nearshoring

"Best in class."
"In the Czech Republic alone, companies such as DHL, Siemens and Lufthansa recently moved big data-processing operations there. The quality of work is world-class."
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bulletA Smart Alternative to Offshore

"It is time for the financial services industry to switch from offshoring to nearshoring. The panacea of outsourcing to nations such as India and China has proven illusory. Offshoring is laden with hidden management problems and subsequent costs that translate into headaches and sometimes nightmares for the customers of offshoring providers."
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bulletCzech Republic: Strong growth as premier outsourcing destination

"The Czech Republic's unique location, history and culture make it an especially attractive proposition for offshore investment, writes Gary Muddyman."
"Czech Republic is leading the way in Europe when it comes to the latest trend in outsourcing"
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bulletMultilingual workforce places Czechs ahead in 'nearshore' outsourcing

"India is losing ground to 'New Europe' as the preferred destination for Western European companies looking to outsource 'nearshore' services rather than 'offshore' them. The Czech Republic is holding its own in the battle for the business. Mark Fernandes has the story."
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bulletCurrent trends in European and North American Offshore Outsourcing

"TEAM International highlights the changing offshore outsourcing landscape in Europe and North America."

Trend 1 - Increased demand from Western Europe
Trend 2 - Western Europe prefers nearshoring to traditional offshoring
Trend 3 - Offshore outsourcing will remain an important element of the global economic equation