About Us


Based in Prague, Kelteca is the first company purely dedicated to driving successful near-shoring IT projects from the Czech Republic. Utilising an agile process and three proven near-shoring models, we work with local partners to meet our clients requirements in an adaptive, transparent and cost effective manner.

The global economy and the continued focus on cost reduction has had a major impact on the software development industry. Concepts such as outsourcing and near-shoring have rendered the traditional rules of the game infeasible. We firmly believe that agile development not only fits into this context but it's inherent flexibility allows teams to be more productive than ever. All it takes is the understanding and willpower. Agile development teams have proven to be the most productive there are. Kelteca will help you unlock these productivity gains to deliver high quality software at competitive rates.

The management team have drawn on significant corporate experience to devise unique process models ideally suited to near-shoring. Our local knowledge and experience allow us to benefit from a pool of exceptional technical talent. We provide highly qualified and certified English speaking software engineers. Kelteca's focus is on high end enterprise level software for large organisations. Our placement in this category dictates that quality be our primary concern.